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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 24, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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concerning the nuclear standoff with north korea. as always, we will take your calls, and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is next. get that son of a bitch off the field. he is fired. ♪ the comments of president trump in alabama on friday evening prompting a quick response on saturday from the nba, the nfl, and the players association. this sunday morning, september 24, we want to get your reaction to what the president has been saying about some of the nfl nvitationnd his disi to steph curry to come to the
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white house. a vote is scheduled on tuesday for the health care bill. secretaryrom hhs price yesterday. senators to republican have said they will vote against the legislation, rand paul of kentucky, john mccain of arizona. we want to begin with your comments regarding president tomp and what he had to say steph curry and his comments on the nfl players taking the knee. if you agree with what the president said, (202) 748-8000. if you disagree, (202) 748-8001. also getting your comments on andal media, on facebook twitter. good sunday morning. this is the front page story of the washington post, trump inflames the sports world.
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this statement from adam silver, the commissioner for the nba, "i was in favor of the golden state warriors visiting the white house, and i thought it was a rare opportunity for these players to share their views directly with the president. i'm disappointed that will not happen. i am proud of our players for taking an active role in their communities and continuing to speak out on important issues." this coming about in part because steph curry announced he was not going to the white house. president trump also taking aim at nfl players. here's what he had to say in alabama. [video clip] mr. trump: he is going to say that guy disrespects our flag, he is fired. that owner, they don't know it. they are friends of mine, many of them. they will be the most popular person in this country.
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that is a total disrespect of our heritage. that is a total disrespect of everything we stand for, everything we stand for. freedoms ande freedom of choice, and many different freedoms, but it is still totally disrespectful. when the nfl ratings are down nflively, massively, the ratings are down massively, the number one reason is they are watching what is happening. they like what is happening. today if you hit too hard, hit too hard, 15 yards, throw them out of the game. they had that last week. i watched for a couple of minutes. yards --" tackle, 15 beautiful tackle, 15 yards.
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they are ruining the game. that is what they want to do. they want to hit. it is hurting the game, but you know what is hurting the game more than that? when people like yourself turn on the television and see those people taking the knee when they are playing our great national anthem. [boos] the only thing you could do better is if you see it is one player, leave the stadium. i guarantee things. . will stop.tee things , trump trades blows with the nba and nfl. tweet, you will see change
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take place fast, fire or s uspend! joining us on the phone is john wagner, white house correspondent for the washington post. let's begin with this latest war of words between the president and professional sports players and owners. what is the back story? >> it is interesting. it comes at a time when you would think the president might be focused on trying to get his health care bill and tax care bill through. there is quite a bit behind this. during the transition he talked about flagburning, that folks should lose citizenship if they engage in flagburning. aspect for the flag has been constant theme, especially when he is at rallies around the
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country, as he was in alabama. he had a number of issues in alabama, and this is taken on a life of its own. host: what do you expect to happen today? some expect more nfl players to nee in response to the president. guest: it has a chance to be a dramatic day in terms of what players might do to exhibit mass protest think, whether it is nee or wearing special jerseys or t-shirts during warm-ups. there are rules of what equipment is appropriate. we will have to see on that front. this issue is going -- not going away. the president -- and on -- dou bled down on twitter.
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host: there is a long history between the president and the nfl, including his purchase of the usfl, which was in competition with the nfl. do you think that has anything to do with this issue? guest: i suppose that could factor in. there are seven nfl owners who supported him financially during his campaign. there are a lot of political crosscurrents. once the president gets feud, hisn a tendency is to continue punching whether it does him any good or not. "the roger goodell said, nfl and our players are at our best when we create a sense of unity in our country. there is no better example than the amazing response from our
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clubs and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players great in our communities." your response? guest: it is interesting for a couple of reasons. one is president trump's approval rating seven taking up in response to his handling of the hurricanes. that is probably something that was chosen with that in mind. obviously, this president has had a reputation of being a fighter since he has been an office. let me get your reaction to the president's use of twit ter and its impact it months into his -- 8 months into his presidency. guest: this is a fine example of where he has used twitter to keep the controversy alive. at the same time he was tweeting
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the nfl and nba this weekend, he was also on twitter talking about north korea and responding to insults from kim jong-un and the foreign minister. if you look at his twitter feed yesterday, he addressed a whole range of issues. it was very busy for him. host: we're talking to john wagner from the washington post. from hhs secretary price on fox news yesterday, they are looking to refine or revise language in the legislation. two republican senators have said they will vote against the bill. they cannot afford to lose any other applicants. where do things -- republicans. where do things stand? guest: it is not looking good for republicans at this point. john mccain came out on friday with a strong statement against the bill. the president on twitter spent part of yesterday attacking john
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mccain for having done so and lobbying on twitter to get the vote passed. states thene of the administration and republicans who support the bill have been trying to help to get them on board. host: john wagner, his work available online for the washington post. thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: we're getting your comments regarding the presidents remarks on the nfl and nba. on her twitter page, this is from lizzie, anyone stopping these players from dropping to their knees today in protest of tom, let's see if they do it. robert says, nfl viewership is down and will continue. keep politics out of the game.
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trump deals with these controversial issues because he has no handle whatsoever on governing the country. comment, take away the controversy by eliminating the national anthem from sporting events. brady from boulder colorado disagreeing with what the president said. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for having me on. i live in boulder, colorado. i think this isn't really a freedom of speech issue per se because if you are employed by someone, you cannot really say things that may represent that employer unfavorably. in terms of sports, there is always politics and sports. jesse owens is a prime example. baseball was made a national
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pastime because we wanted to increase nationalism at some point. it is ridiculous what president trump is doing. -- it does not make much sense from a man who has twoespected to soldiers -- flag iss saying the sacred but what he said to john family wasthe khan justified. he is just a real racist son of a gun. host: good morning. your thoughts? caller: i find the last caller kind of funny when he says trump is a racist. there is black people working for him, and he is for the people to get the money.
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--re else are these people where is he going to get the country thaty in a make as much money as they do in an nfl football league? it is ridiculous to say that he is not another incarnation of harry truman. he has the right to his point of view. one more thing, when they go against him for going against daca, i think i said that correctly, they should say if he goes against that, he is allowing the people that don't want to work in this country to get more freebies. the main thing people don't like about president trump is he is not obama who wants to give away
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everything to everybody and change the constitution. nfl: this is from, owners respond. former senator john edwards saying, i hope every nfl player takes a knee in solidarity with colin kaepernick. someone who agrees with the president is joining us from new jersey. diane, good morning. caller: good morning. i just want to say, i blame the owners and the schools. these guys are very young. they don't understand a lot of things. i would takeners, that money and give it to the u.s. soldiers that is standing on the front line. the players could take that money and take it to the community that needed and do --
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with thend do community and the police department. why would you take something, the flag, that is a tool? why would you take the very tool you need to help you with your problem and dismiss it? it doesn't make any sense. host: thank you. david has this tweet, i am on bended knee right now, strongly hisgree with the potus and strong point of view on everything. from the new york giants, comments like we heard from the president are inappropriate, offensive, and divisive. joe joining us from south carolina. good morning. caller: how are you doing today? host: fine. thank you. what do you think is going to happen with these nfl games?
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caller: first, i hope you had a nice birthday. host: thank you. caller: donald trump is continuing his bowl in the china shop type of politics. trump.ree with let me be clear, i respect the believe inlso peaceful dissent. he should be protecting the constitution and people's right to disagree in a peaceful way. i have identified myself as an independent and constitutionalist. even if i went to a foreign country and may disagree with their politics, when they play their national anthem, i would stand for their national anthem. this is a matter of respect. out.thing will play
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the nfl is a business. one of the top concerns of any business is corporate image. i don't care for the nfl, not just because of the situation, but i like college football better. i think the reaction is going to be more intense. i think more people will be likely to take a knee. he is not helping the cause. he is not helping the republican party. health care, republicans continue to show how divided they are. there is an election coming in 13 months. they are in trouble. they are in deep trouble. that is about all i have to say. they better get things straight in a hurry. host: there is also primary tuesday in alabama. that will be a challenge for the president. situation hasthis found its way -- i saw this on social media. i hope this is fake news.
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this has found its way into a pop warner league where young children have been told to do that. i don't agree with that. nion. host: on her twitter page, this comment, those who claim not standing for the national anthem is disrespectful or anti-american are very ignorant about the constitution. this is from robert reich, with staring at another health care defeat, he takes to slamming pro athletes. more winning. you agree with the president, why? caller: i do. the thing is they are disrespecting the white soldiers that fought to free the slaves, the soldiers in the north that fought under the stars and
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stripes. in peaceful protests. it is in the constitution. this is carrying it way too far. inatched my first pro game 1952, the packers versus the new york giants. i have been a fan ever since. last year i started my boycott. i will not watch another pro game until these people come to their senses. they could take some of their millions of dollars into the tor some ofnd tu their black brothers and sisters, that would be great. like oprah winfrey, she used her money for a good cause. she spent some of it on track to bring up her black brothers and sisters. if they continue this, they are going to ruin the game. they are coming off their nose
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to spite their face. it is as simple as that. host: carl, tanks for the call. this statement from the green bay packers, it is unfortunate the president used his immense platform to make offensive statements about our players and the nfl. this is from our friend kiki, field,ow kneeled on the did not see the outrage then. i cannot start the morning with this nonsense. the cleveland cavaliers issued this statement, it is about two minutes. [video clip] ,> what is up with y'all people? --t more insight about my [no audio] host: we will try to get that back.
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let's go to otis, south carolina. good morning. caller: good morning to you. i disagree with president trump on this issue. it is a nonviolent way to protest social injustice in this country. when they kneel down, it is not just for injustice against black people, it is for the whole country. i noticed something the other .ay i noticed he had the forever stamp on it upside down, and i said you made a mistake. he said, i did not. this is my way of protesting the way things are in this country now. he was a veteran. at that little bit of protest in the stamp.
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have on a few of my letters posted them with the stamp upside down. i would like to get views from other veterans out there that ,isagree with president trump what do they think about posting their letters with the stamp upside down? one other thing on the issue of googled yesterday what federal employees get free insurance. the fact of the matter is that under obamacare they have to purchase insurance from an insurance provider. they buy their own insurance,
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get ahey get -- but they sweetheart deal on 72% of their premium. host: that doesn't sound right. what is your source on that? caller: i googled it yesterday. i could not tell you the site. federaloogled do senators and house of representatives get free insurance? host: they do not. i am not sure the source. it is hard for me -- where you are getting the information, that federal employees pay into officials payed into that. nothing is given to them for free. caller: no. what i am saying is they do have to purchase their own insurance that the federal government does not supply, but they get a sweetheart deal where they pay
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28% of the premium. source and wethe will look into that. caller: thank you very much. host: we will go to maria. atlanta. the morning. caller: good morning. i am a diehard football fan. this is the first time i will not be watching it in over 30 years. will stop saying about the enormous amount of money they make. just because you make money, you still have principles. man has said more than one time they do not have to stand. it is their choice. host: thanks for the call. more tweets from the president, he said nfl attendance and
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ratings are way down, boring games, many state because they love our country. league should back u.s. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. i agree with the president. what i don't understand, these people are kneeling and protesting the country. if they don't like the country, get out. no one is telling them to stay. that is what i don't understand. people have got to stand up for the flight. you are either with the country or against it. you have to be one way or the other. i agree. trumpk they didn't like because he is a patriot. thanks. host: thanks for the call. this is the headline from breitbart news, several nfl owners condemned the president, trumps remarks on players who protest the national anthem.
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mary is joining us, maryland. caller: good morning. i called on the wrong line. i do not agree with president trump. he is not a real president, if a president. i'm going to burn a flag today. i have the right to. this protest is against police brutality. it is not against the country unless the country doesn't want to change. we don't have to go anywhere. we were born here. i have been protesting the flaxen sows 15, since i became black and brown. -- proud. they are talking about police brutality. stick to that point. that is what we are going to get rid of. it is not about hating veterans. veterans i know say stand up for what you believe in, stand up or your rights. that is why we do what we do. host: thanks for the call.
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from the washington post, what the president doesn't get about the nfl, a lot of reaction on social media this morning. your reactions to his remarks on the nfl and nba, those who agree or disagree with the president. jan is next, california. caller: good morning. i am for president trump and what he said because what if everyone walked into their work twice monday morning and protested something they felt strongly about in the political system? everybody has to obey the law. when the police tell somebody to stop, you stop. when someone says take a seat, you take a seat. i would be the first to stop. don't run. just do what you are told, and everything is going to be fine. that is the way it is in america. if you want to protest, gets a
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permit, a time and place, and then go protest. if they want to be on the street, go to the city and get a permit. everything is according to law. thank you. host: thank you. we will go to mark in ohio. welcome to the program. caller: good morning. i have to piggyback on that lady that spoke not long ago. i am a vietnam veteran. sot is why we do what we do, people can call in on both lines and agree or disagree. 45 is way out of line. he don't even have the fortitude himself to fight in the military, so where does he get off having an opinion at all? he is a little late because when colin kaepernick was on the verge of not getting a job is called for a boycott in
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my neighborhood of watching nfl games. he is late. this has nothing to do with the country and everything to do with police brutality out here. the only terrorists black people in america know our local police departments. host: this response from jed york, the ceo of the san francisco 49ers, he said the callous and offensive comments made by the present contradictory to what this great country stands for. from kentucky, good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: yes. me?you hear host: go ahead. evenr: trump --they cannot run the country. somebody needs to take them out and let him drive. - d- dry.
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host: part of this transpired because of comments by steph curry a couple days when asked whether he was going to the white house after he won the chairmanship earlier in the year. here is what he said. [video clip] >> i know you said to rachel before that you wanted the white house statement to the by not going. what kind of statement do you want to make by doing that? decided this is something you want to make a statement about? >> i don't think -- i don't want to go. --the nucleus my- of my belief. it is not just me going to the white house. if it was, this would be a short conversation. it is the organization, the
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team. it is hard to say because i don't know exactly what we're going to do. if we do go, don't go, whatever. my beliefs stay the same. i will have a better answer to that when i understand where the group is. host: the comments from steph curry a couple days ago. this is from the washington examiner, naacp rallies behind steph curry after trump dissed him. in response to this news, the naacp's official twitter account fill inero dissed by the blank. yelling during the national anthem last season to protest the treatment of minorities by police in the u.s. let's go to chief in madison,
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wisconsin. caller: good morning. this president wants all benefits of living in this country and pay none of the cost. some of us have paid the cost to make things better. if you look at history, that is helping to improve. if you look at the women's rights movement, antiwar movement, civil rights movement, all of those people were paying the cost to make things better for everybody. i paid the cost after that national day of action when michael brown was murdered, i lost my job because i protested. i was the only white guy that protested at my job, because i eventuallythat would affect the white working class, we cannot allow cops to gun down people in the streets for no reason whatsoever.
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this continues to happen to black people. white people need to recognize that if black people are treated like this, they will ultimately be treated the same way. that is what is happening. beaterking class is being we need to stand upn. collectively against this rapacious ruling class. thank you. host: thank you. we are at the bottom of the hour. we will come back to more of your calls and comments on what the president said about steph curry and the nfl and nba. it is election day in germany. angela merkel seeking a fourth term. on the phone, joining us from germany from reuters, noah. caller: thank you. host: give us a sense of the turnout and some of the issues angela merkel is running on. she appears to be ahead in the polls. isst: she's -- i mean, it
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interesting that the campaign has been dominated by domestic issues, pension, education, the german economy, and also the volkswagen diesel scandal. the international issues, trump, brexit, have not played a big role. the elephant in the room is the refugee crisis. two years ago angela merkel opened german borders to over a million migrants and saw her popularity plunge. she has clawed back support and said that can never happen again and seems to be cruising to a fourth term. host: one of the stories i heard over the weekend is for stability has been a factor in this election as she seeks that fourth term. host: --
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guest: yeah. i think with all the turbulence we are seeing globally, germans are very concerned about trump's election. aboutere very concerned britain's vote to leave the eu. there is a deep diplomatic row going on with turkey at the moment. there are millions of turks living in germany. on all of these foreign-policy issues, angela merkel has tried to take advantage of this and portray herself as the experienced, stable leader. that has certainly played a role in boosting her support. host: we are talking to noah barkin. is their enthusiasm among the electric? guest: that is one of the big issues.
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this election has been called boring by the german press. it is not dominated the headlines like you would expect it to over the past weeks. i think angela merkel, she is just trying to rally her core supporters. one of the big issues is the rise of the alternative for germany, this far right party that looks like it is going to make it into the german parliament, the first time a party to the right of angela merkel's conservative party makes it into parliament since the 1950's. that has really dominated the debate. germans are really concerned about this party making it into parliament. it may not get as much support as similar parties have gone in other european countries. they are expected to get 10% to 12%. host: in this country, the
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president can serve only two terms. this would be a fourth term for angela merkel, making her the longest serving chancellor in german history. clearly, they don't have term limits, or do they? guest: they do not have term limits here. when angela merkel came into power in 2005, george w. bush was president in the u.s., and tony blair was prime minister in the u.k. this seems like a long time ago. there are no term limits in germany. it is a very different political system. it is a parliamentary system where people vote for parties rather than candidates. i think people do think this is going to be angela merkel's last term. election, ashis she is expected to come she will be the third german chancellor
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in the postwar era to win four elections. mentor andher another german chancellor both won four terms. in the modern era, it is quite astonishing to see this. host: dimension president trump. is he a factor -- you mentioned president trump. is he a factor in the election? guest: her opponents, the social democrats have talked about president trump more than she has. to retrieve her as soft on trump and that they would be much more robust in pushing back. one of the issues has been nato spending. germany is short of the 2% gdp goal that all nato countries signed up to. said they will not
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fulfill that pledge. angela merkel has said they will stick to it. i think she has profited from a turbulence and sense of a people germans feel about the global political landscape. apart from that, she does not mention donald trump on the campaign trail. he has not played a huge role in her campaign for reelection. europeanh barkin, correspondent for reuters. angela merkel expected to be reelected to a fourth term in germany. thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: we go back to your calls and comments on the president and his comments on the nfl and nba. from the washington post, trump's comments inflame sports stars.
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president trump rescinding a white house invitation for nba champion steph curry and the golden state warriors in a to d rant that rockets with condemnation owners.rts stars and lebron james calling the president "a bum." let's go to ann, new york. caller: good morning. i agree with our president. first of all, these players should be so lucky to get to play basketball, football, earn tons of money. my husband and other men have gone to war, shed their blood for that flag. it is not what he said. you have to understand, this is
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an emblem that we all respect and love and that our men and women have fought for. our children will get these football games, these crazy players not honoring a flag that they are taught in school and by their parents how we honor it and what it means for our country. now these kids in school are doing the same thing. shame on those players. shame on their owners. arethey do is think they above everything with the money they make. i agree with the president. host: thank you for the call. yesterday on msnbc, stevie wonder with this. [video clip] [applause] >> tonight, i am taking a knee for america. [cheers and applause] >> but not just one knee, i am
7:42 am
taking both knees. prayer for our leadersour future, our of the world. amen. [cheers and applause] i wanted to say that prayer before i served you my musical meal. host: that is from stevie wonder yesterday. sentiment inal donald trump's nba and nfl criticism, you can read the full essay at ,"is statement, "u bum referring to the president.
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going to the white house was a great honor until you showed up. that is from lebron james. we go to stephen. you agree with the president? half agree with him. i don't believe in firing anybody. i believe in protests and all that. i am an american, and i salute the flag every morning when i wake up. if you're going to put a knee down, do it monday. leave sunday alone. everybody has a fill with this monday through saturday. now we have to listen to this on a sunday? sunday is a day of rest. the athletes out there, you make a lot of money. make your commercials. go out and protest. leave sunday alone for guys like me. i appreciate it.
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host: thank you. redskin players ripping president trump for attacking nfl players. this is from steve, i think it takes a lot to make lebron james angry. that is just how bad the white house is these days. getting your comments and tweets. we go to wendy in washington. good morning. caller: good morning. i agree with the athletes that in any way they are human beings. any honor andally being invited to the white house right now. host: why do you say that? tweet just aead a few minutes ago about what the president tweeted this morning.
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he is dishonoring our country, our democracy. i applaud with the athletes are doing and hope they do more of it. son-in-law just got back from afghanistan. and he spent 20 years serving the country. he will be at the football game's and will kneel also. .e loves this country people who care about what is going on right now, it is a way to show support and raise it to the conscience of the rest of the country. i hear allian, also the anger and just the way .eople talk the athletes, i am proud of what they are doing. host: we're going to move on. this is from breitbart,
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president trump is a spotted two nfl players who protest against the national fm. president trump giving a fiery speech in alabama was speaking for senate candidate luther strange. let's go to steve in fort collins, colorado. good morning. caller: i agree with the guy who called two calls ago. i want sports to get away from politics. if i want politics, i can turn on c-span, cnn, fox news, but sports should be a safe haven. these guys have a right to protest, but they have got a huge social media platform that they could protest all they want. they are at work. they should show up, do their job, and that is it.
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sports should be a political free zone. i don't think there's any reason why ratings in sports should drop. look at espn. politicalone super lately. their ratings are not that great. host: thank you for the call. why is the national played at sporting events? the owner of the miami dolphins, one of a number of nfl owners ouronding to the president, country needs unifying leadership now, not more divisiveness. we need to seek to understand each other and have civil discourse instead of condemnation and soundbites. anthony joining us from atlanta. good morning. caller: good morning. i am hearing people saying getting away from politics when it comes to football, but they play the national anthem. i am a 24 year retired navy
7:48 am
veteran. i keep hearing no politics on sunday, but football is played on monday and thursday. when people say i am taking a knee, when you see a football player hurt on the field, they take a sign of respect. if you remember in washington, d.c., when they did not let african-americans play for the redskins, they protested. they did not play football. they say get politics away from it. as soon as you start the game, they play the national anthem. people need to listen to the whole national anthem. like i said, i am a 24 year retired veteran. people need to listen to howard stern when donald trump went on there and was asked why did you get a deferment from going to vietnam? what was his response? he was having sex with women,
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and that was his vietnam. people need to remember and do a little history about taking any. -- a knee. it is a sign of respect. at the hartfield jackson airport, and i said i could not do it and turned around and came back home because i could not go to that game that is being played in chicago today. it bothers me that much. i am a season ticket holder. host: thank you. --will go to caller: good morning. how are you? host: fine. caller: a few things, there are no signs that ratings are down. they were down last year because of the presidential election. is ar two, ted nugent celebrity, and he threatened president obama.
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from was the outrage then trump supporters? rights activists gave their lives so these individuals could protest, but that is not what they are identified as people who gave their lives so these people could protest. obama and how 45 has been handling this. clear, theseto be individuals are protesting police brutality in the murders of unarmed black people and economic and social injustice. lastly, all this president is doing is creating more protests and inciting his face. -- his base. they are creating more protests.
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they have to understand how they are being used for his political and social and economic agenda. host: thank you for the call. sandy beach, given how quickly nfl owners have rushed to the podium to denounce u.s. presence, why hasn't won signed the very toxic colin kaepernick? calling for nfl players to kneel during the national anthem. all nfl players kneel during the national anthem in response to president trump's response to colin kaepernick. trump ad president white supremacist who squats in our white house. he did so in a tweet. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i am going to start with, if anyone calls in agreeing with the president, they don't know our constitution. that flag gives our players the
7:52 am
rights to neil. -- kneel. playersall nfl and nba should kneel now. host: thank you for the call. ofiel quoting the head coach the golden state warriors in this tweet, you know what else is disrespectful of the flag, racism. one is worse than the other. we will go to dave in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: i would like to say if you thought the draft -- dodged the draft, you don't have the right to say anything to these players. you know what is offensive? letting people fly a nazi flag in america. that is offensive and disrespects the flag more than
7:53 am
anything. trump came down on those players harder than he did the nazis in charlottesville. mp should stay out of sports. those guys are putting the knee wives that were taken by police officers. host: thank you for the -- black lives that were taken by police officers. host: thank you for the call. we go to maryland. caller: good morning. i would like to say that they do have the right to protest by kneeling. the silent majority has the right to not go to their games. i believe this year you are going to start to see people complain to the sponsors, for instance i think i called southwest airlines to let them know i don't need southwest airlines.
7:54 am
everybody has the right to do what they are going to do, but people don't fact check. the man from wisconsin who was talking about michael brown. he is still buying into his story that this kid was an innocent victim. not true, he was a bully and pushed that very gentle man, and then charged at him and ended up getting killed. they have the right to take any. -- a knee. the silent majority in this country has had enough. it's time to respect what we have. host: from the washington post, this is what it looks like, is trump mentally ill? or is america? cj, minneapolis, minnesota, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you america. i just want to say i have mixed
7:55 am
feelings. i love my sports and will watch them regardless of whether there are protests or not. it is ok to me if you want to protest, and that is fine, too. this president has so many things surrounding him that have questioned his integrity as well, so it is hard for you to really get around him sometimes. i would like to see him do a better job. hurting andt taking lives, but let's see him start saving lives. some of the issues he deals with now involves peeling the country and bring the country together. the country and bringing the country together. thank you. saying, the reason they
7:56 am
kneel at the game is because that is where they will get the most attention for a cause. ironic that the people outraged for players taking any are the same people making this country worthy of disrespect. curry roiling the sports world. we will go to william from florida. good morning. your view on all this? caller: i watched several programs this week on freedom of speech. i think the spring court -- supreme court has expanded that right father than our founding fathers intended. although the right of free speech is guaranteed, the right to be free of consequences from that speech is not guaranteed. if some of these players get fired or lose their job because they protest on a sunday afternoon, so be it. host: the story is below the
7:57 am
full in the new york times, as trump rebukes the athlete, star refers to the present as "u bum." that actually being lebron james. good morning, joe. caller: hello. the way i feel about it is we should always respect our flag and national anthem. if we disrespect our flag, dragging the- american flag in the street, they don't respect our flag. thank you. host: david, her last call from middletown, new jersey. you get the final word. david, are you with us? caller: good morning, c-span, the best title on television.
7:58 am
host: good to hear from you again. caller: i have my thoughts about the players kneeling. i thought for the right of every american to peacefully protest under the first amendment. kneelt like to see them or show disrespect for the american flag, but that is there ir right under the constitution to do that. like i say, i don't like to see disrespect shown, but peaceful, that's fine as far as i am concerned. if they lose their job because of it, that is the way it has to be. but i respect their right. host: david, did to hear from you. yet?you turned 93 caller: i turned 93 in january.
7:59 am
i turned 94 this coming january. host: you don't want to rush it. caller: i always enjoy speaking to you and expressing my viewpoints to the american people. we live in the greatest country on earth. we have our ups and downs, but in the end we always come together as we the people. i hope this will also take place ly the near future, hopeful before the 2018 elections is my fervent hope that donald trump resigns as president of our great country. host: david from middletown, new jersey, we always enjoy hearing from you. a regular and frequent caller, world war ii veteran. 93, turning 94 in a few months. don't rush it.
8:00 am
our guest this week's stroke tablet. coming up next, shermichael singleton to get his perspective on president trump, and if the president of the market institution. state rexary of tillerson. here's a portion of newsmakers which airs at 10:00 eastern. >> i cannot find a word that captures my emotions. this is a disaster. it cannot be claimed on presidential personnel offices in the white house. happening is is the diminishment


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